Law Enforcement Courses

Our courses are designed to educate and equip you to handle danger before it strikes. From personal protection to life-saving courses, we have your safety needs covered.


S.R.T. Solo Response Tactics

Preparedness training to help you respond in the case of an active shooter scenario.


The training will cover situational awareness, mental preparedness, history of active shooter events, psychological and physiological effects of a violent encounter, mistakes we’ve made in law enforcement responses, proper training defined, active shooter statistics, bleeding control in a combat setting, downed officer recovery, movement drills, solo room entries, solo building clearing, shoot/no-shoot decision making, directed fire, distractions, force on force training and live fire drills.

Advanced Defensive Tactics


The training will cover awareness, mental preparedness, combat breathing, and brief review of the basics (stance, hand placement, falling, evasion, redirection, and striking).  It will also cover advanced striking techniques, counters, environmental weapons, garment control, escapes, weapon defense, effective takedowns, handgun disarming, counter ambush, and targeting the human body for maximum stopping effect.

Gang Identification and Recognition


The training will cover State Statutes, risk factors, gang structure, hybrid gangs, identification, recognition combating street gangs, federal resources, RICO, gangs in jails and prisons, extremist hate groups, occult groups, and getting an enhanced conviction with proper documentation.

Practical and Effective Edged Weapons for Law Enforcement

Course Overview

The purpose of this course is to provide basic edged weapons training for law enforcement officers and to provide them with the skills and knowledge to successfully carry, deploy, and use an edged weapon in a safe and effective manner for a variety of circumstances to include as a backup weapon during a deadly force scenario.

Situational Awareness



The training will cover increasing the citizen’s awareness of their surroundings to include specific venues, driving, and job-specific hazards and red flags. It will cover fighting complacency and using environmental items as well as basic tools that are available to the average citizen in order to protect the citizen from attack as a last resort.  The training will also cover online awareness and making one aware of certain fraud techniques that are becoming increasingly more popular.

Onsite Threat Assessment



Our threat assessment identifies both internal and external threats which your organization may face, including an analysis of violent intruder threat and readiness.  Assessments identify potential hazards such as an active shooter, analyze what could happen if the hazard occurs and make recommendations for readiness and resilience.

Combat Cover and Concealment


This live-fire course will include the difference between cover and concealment, proper use of cover from various positions, shooting and reloading from a position of cover, bounding overwatch, recovery of a downed officer in a hot zone, directed fire and the use of distraction rounds in order to cover distance.

Criminal Kinesics

Course Overview

This three day course teaches what non-verbal cues to look for while observing other humans that could be indicators of criminal activity. While it’s easy to say that someone looks suspicious, this course breaks down that suspicious behavior and defines it. Starting off in the classroom and taking that knowledge into live venues, students will be able to identify those individuals who have just, in the process of, or about to, commit a criminal act.  

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